Nursing has a professional national college .
At its first General Assembly, the French Nurse College (CIF) was formed officially.
This professional national college is composed of legal persons representing the nursing profession (salaried, liberal, academic, initial and continuing training, labor specialist nurses ,school health, the three specialties IADE, IBODE, childhood nurses etc).

To date, 17 national structures have already integrated CIF.
The Board of Directors consists of one representative from each these 17 structures.

The Nurse French College aims to provide the best response to the population’s health needs, in a positive and innovative vision of nursing. The missions of the Nurse French College are: ·
- To share skills, expertise of its members in order to improve the quality and safety of care, and meet population health needs; · To contribute to the promotion of research in nursing;
- Optimize university education and continuing professional development of nurses. In this context, the Nurse French College has a unifying vocation of nursing organizations. It is one of the interlocutors of public health authorities.
- It works with other colleges of health professionals, medical and other social actors and user associations.
- It issues opinions and makes proposals in its area of competence. Thus, our national college has already responded to requests from the High Authority of Health (HAS) and the profession. He proposed experts from the components that made opinions for cooperation protocols. These experts have worked on the development of recommendations and proposed training projects.

Members of the college are interested in hosting other professional structures that meet the inclusion criteria of the college, to unite as broadly as possible the profession.
The composition of the Board will evolve as and these integrations so that everyone has a place on the Board of Directors of our national College.

Marie-Claude GASTE, President of CIF